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Clinical eye health services

We provide specialist eye health services for patients with specific sight issues.

Patients with certain conditions require more specialist treatment and careful monitoring of the condition of their eyes. Those diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma, and other ocular conditions are welcome to visit our facilities where our expert optometrists will take you through all aspects of prevention, treatment and care.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service

If you have been diagnosed as diabetic you will need a yearly screening to detect any changes in your sight. We take a digital photograph of the back of your eye in order to detect any diabetic related changes.

Glaucoma Referral Refinement Scheme

This involves a more comprehensive field test and we use a Goldman Tonometer (to measure the pressure inside your eye) this is the gold standard of equipment used in hospital eye departments. We also perform a dilated pupil examination of the retina.

Ocular Hypertensive Monitoring Service

This is available for people displaying the signs of a higher risk of glaucoma, you will be discharged by the local eye department into our care for monitoring of the condition.

Pre-cataract Assessment Service

We conduct direct referrals to patient choice NHS call centres for referral to a hospital eye department for a cataract assessment and possible operation.

Please contact us today on Chester 01244 325969 or Bromborough 0151 334 2805 for more information about these services.

"Your services changed his (patient's son) and our lives"
Review from our Visual Stress and Colourimetry Service.